Gathering the ‘Secrets’

to a living a happy life with cancer

For over a century cancer treatment has made only moderate advancements in cancer outcomes and quality of life. That is because we stopped asking what had gone wrong, why did cancer take root in the first place.

Today two people can have the exact same type of cancer but two completely different reasons for getting it. That is because everything about those two people is different. Their genetics, hormone balance, immune function, what they are exposed too, how they handle stress and what they eat... Yet in a protocol driven approach, their cancer treatment is the same.

Through thorough research conducted in 10 different countries with over 1,500 cases of radical remission analysed, and treatments conducted in US and European countries addressing metabolic health:
- Ultimately improving the quality of life
- Reducing mortality rates
These shouldn’t be secrets and Natalie will share the research and support you with the tools you can use through your cancer journey to be more connected to the world around you as well as have connection to others living this life and thriving with cancer.

If you can relate to any of this, then this course is for you.

I will help you to find some or all of your old self. Connect with you and you with people who understand where you are at.

Hi, I'm Natalie!

This program is lead by Natalie - a stage 4 cancer survivor who was a psychologist for many years and now passionately helps her peers love the life they have and can relate to many of the challenges we have all faced.

Natalie has been living with Stage iv for over 5 years and was unwilling to submit to her terminal diagnosis so simply. She has constantly researched and learned and found the secrets to a happy life.

The research is clear that by overcoming hopelessness/helplessness we live longer and happier lives.

The Inclusions


5 x 2 Hour Live Sessions

Over five weeks, in a 2 hour session each week, we will come together learning the secrets to feeling more our old selves, get to know each other, find energy and be back in control of our lives, all whilst supporting and feeling supported by our peers.


Private Facebook Group

Invitation to a private facebook group where we can continue to discuss our strategies, our favourite bits of our new empowered self and seek support when it is one of those days.

What to Expect

Each week we will address two core areas from the following areas that are science backed and Natalie will share the science, that have improved the lives of people who have been given a terminal diagnosis of cancer:  

· Our reasons to live

· Our diet strategies

· Trusting our intuition

· What exercise and movement we can do and what helps

· Releasing emotions

· Increasing positive emotions

· Embracing social supports

· Empowering ourselves

· Reconnecting spiritually

Join today for a limited time price of $299

This is a one-off, BETA only special price for 10 hours of learning and support, face to face live online or a recorded copy of any session you missed.

The future costs will increase, as for this initial offering, we will be learning and sharing and Natalie will ask for regular feedback on what you love or dislike about the modules.

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